Radziejowice_2Thanks to the endeavours of Zygmunt Krauze and the “Music Gardens” Foundation, the legendary Course for Composers in Radziejowice (initiated and organized by Polish Society for Contemporary Music in 1980s) was reactivated in 2013. The Course received the name of SYNTHETIS – from the Greek word meaning ‚composer’.

Allowing each and every participant to develop their artistic skills and raise their qualifications is the key objective of the Course. For this reason the organizers have decided to put special emphasis on personal interaction between the student and the tutor, therefore the schedule, apart from the collective activities, involves also one-to-one lessons as a form of tuition. The intimate character of the venue provides excellent conditions to create a highly cooperative environment and a creativity-enhancing atmosphere.

Confronting a newly composed piece of music with contrasting worldviews, foreign cultures, and life experiences is a highly significant ingredient of the composition process. This is why maintaining the international character of the Course and facilitating intercultural exchange among people from various countries and continents are particularly important.  The chief goal of the International Course for Composers SYNTHETIS, however, is considerable integration of the composing circles and providing a supportive platform for mutual exchange of experiences, knowledge and skills.

See you in Radziejowice!